About the project

The motorway section between Funder and Låsby is an approx. 29 km long sub-section of the motorway between Aarhus and Herning.
On 28 April 2009, the Danish Parliament adopted a construction act for the project, which had a total investment budget of BDKK 6.2. 

The section between Hårup and Låsby was opened for traffic on 1 December 2014. The section between Funder and Hårup was opened for traffic 11 September 2016.

Why this construction?
The motorway between Funder and Låsby improves both accessibility, road safety as well as the environment in relation to the current national road.
In addition to completing the motorway to Herning, the section close to Silkeborg is creating a better and faster traffic flow in and around Silkeborg. For the road users, the motorway save them an average of 12 minutes between Funder and Låsby. Furthermore, traffic are significantly reduced on almost all roads in the town of Silkeborg - as well as on many roads in the entire area between Funder and Låsby. When the very busy roads are relieved, the safety level increases for all road users. 
What is the scope of this construction?
The motorway is now connected to the existing motorways at Funder and Låsby, respectively.

The overall project has involved the construction of 29 kilometers of a 4-lane motorway, 7 interchanges, 1 service area and 31 overpasses and underpasses of intersecting roads and paths.​​​​

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