Forthcoming tenders

In the list below you will find forthcoming tenders which can be seen by clicking up and down through the list using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

You can search within bid tenders in the list, and you can sort the tenders by holding the mouse over the categories from "id" to "period of operation".

If you click on a tender you will get more information and contact details for the specific tender.


 Forthcoming tenders

Task specification
13664046.201Interchange 53 Odense VCivil worksFunenD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Road surfacing works, Digging and earthworks2020
13674046.320Sound barriers Fynske MotorvejCivil worksFunenD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Sound barrier2021
13684046.500Planting Fynske MotorvejCivil worksFunenC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Planting2020
13694046.700Traffic lights Odense V og VissenbjergCivil worksFunenB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Signaling systems2019 -2020
13704046.750Road lighting Odense V og VissenbjergCivil worksFunenB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Lighting2019 - 2020
147311920.320Extension of noise barrier at Sdr. JernløseCivil worksZealand and the islandsB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Sound barrier2. kvartal 2020
1492GENOP-AU.410.05Crash barriers Aarhus - AalborgCivil worksFunenC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Other2020
1495Framework agreement for consulting and assistance in relation with environmental investigations and assessments (EIA)Consulting servicesJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)OtherRammeaftalens forventet løbetid November 2019-2022 (Option 1 års forlængelse)
1509Framework agreement - supply of salt spreaders 2020-2023SuppliesFunen, Jutland, Zealand and the islandsC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Winter maintenanceUltimo 2019 – 1. kvartal 2020
1510Framework agreement for software development and maintenance Consulting servicesJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsF. (100-200 mn. DKK)IT2020-2024
151193300.R01Nordhavnstunnel, Main ConsultancyConsulting servicesZealand and the islandsF. (100-200 mn. DKK)Other2020-2032
1512Entreprise 4, 5, 6 og 7Asfaltarbejder 2020 IINewCivil worksFunen, Zealand and the islandsB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Road surfacing works14. april 2020 – 19. juni 2020
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