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 Ongoing tenders

Task specification
1553DT-PV.R002Frame work agreement on consultancy regarding street lightingConsulting servicesJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Lighting06/05/2020 11:00
1541MÅLER-77Installation of Meters 2020Civil worksJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Other29/04/2020 11:00
1545Klimavenlige slidlag 2020Entreprise 14, 16, 17, 23 og 29Civil worksJutland, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Road surfacing works28/04/2020 11:00
1542Entreprise 13, 15, 18, 24 og 25Klimavenlige slidlag i Syddanmark 2020Civil worksJutland, FunenC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Road surfacing works24/04/2020 11:00
1540SV-VEJL-LEJRenovering af lejer på VejlefjordbroenOperations and maintenanceJutlandB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Bridges and other structures30/04/2020 13:00
1543Entreprise 30, 31, 64 og 654 asfaltarbejder i Vestdanmark 2020Civil worksJutland, FunenB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Road surfacing works16/04/2020 11:00
1527V.LILL-MALBridge 000-0040-0-087.50, Ny Lillebaeltsbro Coating of edge plates and neighbor structures year 2020 and 2021Operations and maintenanceFunen, JutlandD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other21/04/2020 13:00
1531AV-2020-2-VIWVedligeholdelse af 2 bygværker på Motorring 3Operations and maintenanceZealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other16/04/2020 12:00
151693200.R15Storstrømsbroen Demolition – Main consultancyConsulting servicesZealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other23/04/2020 12:00
15285086.R02Resource persons on Funen for Information and Communications Technology and for location-based scheduling Consulting servicesFunenB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Other21/04/2020 10:00
1518CEDR Call 2019 - Renewable Energy in Road Infrastructure - Safe Smart Highways and SoilsConsulting servicesJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other15/04/2020 12:00
1508Procurement of an Asset Management System for the Danish Road Directorate – New TenderSuppliesZealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)IT27/04/2020 12:00
1465GENOP-AFGENOP-AF Drainage elements – Dynamic purchase-systemOperations and maintenanceFunen, Jutland, Zealand and the islandsC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 12:00
1454GENOP-AUGENOP-AU safety rails.Civil worksJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 11:00
1448GENOP-VHGENOP-VH Fence works, Dynamic purchase-systemCivil worksJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 11:00
1449GENOP-BRGENOP-BR Paving works on side walk renovation - Dynamic purchase-systemOperations and maintenanceJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 11:00
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