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 Ongoing tenders

Task specification
1493GENOP-AU.410.02Opsætning af autoværn i forbindelse med etablering af 90 kmt på udvalgte statsveje I Nordvestjylland Civil worksJutlandD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other21/08/2019 11:00
1485Analysis southern Ring 5 and analysis northern Ring 5 – preliminary designConsulting servicesZealand and the islandsB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Other03/09/2019 12:00
1471EIA road construction Ålbæk - Skagen – tendering of total consultancyConsulting servicesJutlandB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Other21/08/2019 12:00
1489GENOP-VH.550.04Game Fences northeast of HolstebroCivil worksJutlandB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Other20/08/2019 11:00
1488OVERHAL.401Restrictions regarding overtaking by lorries on motorwaysCivil worksFunen, Jutland, Zealand and the islandsC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Road signs22/08/2019 13:00
147911910.202Afvandingsarbejder ved KvanløseCivil worksZealand and the islandsA. (< 1 mn. DKK)Drainage07/08/2019 13:00
1487GENOP-VH.550.03Vildthegn ved KoldingCivil worksJutlandB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Other21/08/2019 11:00
1466H05019.50TSA 70a Rødekro og TSA 70b Aabenraa NCivil worksJutlandA. (< 1 mn. DKK)Planting20/08/2019 10:00
1481FTUN-TRAFrederiksundsvejstunnelen - Establishment of traffic control systemOperations and maintenanceZealand and the islandsC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Other16/07/2019 10:00
1465GENOP-AFGENOP-AF Drainage elements – Dynamic purchase-systemOperations and maintenanceFunen, Jutland, Zealand and the islandsC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 12:00
1454GENOP-AUGENOP-AU safety rails.Civil worksJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 11:00
1448GENOP-VHGENOP-VH Fence works, Dynamic purchase-systemCivil worksJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 11:00
1449GENOP-BRGENOP-BR Paving works on side walk renovation - Dynamic purchase-systemOperations and maintenanceJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 11:00
140933130.001New bridge crossing Ribe ÅCivil worksJutlandD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Design and build, Bridges and other structures16/07/2019 11:00
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